US 60 over Bois D’Arc Creek and Overflow, Kay County, Oklahoma

Project Highlights

  • Widening two lanes into four lanes, including 4 bridges

Project Overview

Oklahoma State Highway 60, just west of Ponca City, was a four-lane divided highway running approximately one mile west of the city limits. At this point, it merged into a two-lane, two-way highway, but within the city limits, the highway spread back out to a four-lane divided section. This $10.5 million project upgraded the two-lane section into a four-lane divided section, requiring the re-decking of two existing bridges, the construction of an additional new bridge and the complete removal and replacement of a fourth bridge, along with the associated grading, drainage and culvert extensions required for the upgrade. The project began in September 2014 and is estimated to be completed in August 2015.



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