Kellogg & Rock Interchange

Project Highlights

  • // Overall construction scheduling & logistics
  • // Coordination with KDOT and City of Wichita Engineers
  • // 14,000 LF of 15” to 120” storm sewer
  • // 259,000 CYDS of excavation and 150,000 CYDS of imported fill
  • // 19,500 SFT beam & lagging with tieback retaining walls
  • // Three CIP concrete bridges with approximately 433 tons of reinforcing steel and 4,450 CYDS of concrete and 111,000 SYDs of concrete paving
  • // Lighting, traffic control systems, all overhead signage, and a 69 KV electrical service raceway

Project Overview

The Rock and Kellogg Intersection Construction included approximately .75 miles of Urban Expressway. Wildcat Construction was responsible for overall construction scheduling, logistics, coordination with KDOT and City of Wichita Engineers. The project was complex and included, 14,000 LF of Storm Sewer ranging from 15” up to 120” in diameter, 259,000 CYDS of Excavation, and 150,000 CYDS of imported fill. The Project also included extensive Beam & Lagging with Tieback Retaining walls (19,500 SFT), as well as, three Cast in Place Concrete bridges with approximately 433 Tons of Reinforcing Steel and 4,450 CYDS of Concrete. Wildcat was also responsible for 111,000 SYDs of Concrete Paving, Lighting, Traffic Control Systems, all overhead signage and a 69 KV Electrical Service raceway.

Engineer: Cook, Flatt, & Strobel Engineers, P.H.

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